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Exciting news!!! I was asked to be guest designer for Feb., the season of love and romance, over at The Paper Passion!! So looking forward to it, I hope I can live up to everyone’s expectations hahaha!! Here is a little peek at something I have been working on for the girls over there! You will have to be a member on the message board to get in on this sweet little printable PDf file!



Long time no post…lol! Due to some stressful personal junk I have been stalled in my creative arena but am starting to get my mojo back!!! YAY!  ………..stay tuned for some creative juicyness comin’ at ya soon…..and thanks for visiting and thanks for all your support!! 🙂

Since my oldest daughter is into illustration I decided to get her a drafting table before the school year starts….so I looked over CraigsList last night and found 2 of these and this….for $50.00!!!! And it looks brand new!! They had been using it to display merchandise in a tiny clothing store in Maple Ridge….yay me!!!! lol Her and I just picked it up in the truck and set it up in her room  by ourselves…..go girl power!! 🙂

All we need to do is secure the top to the back of the stands with a couple screws and I want to add a security lip on each front corner so the glass doesn’t slip forward when it’s tilted for drawing…..she’s one happy camper with this right now!!:) I think we can find her a thinner lightbox to slip under the glass too….the one she has is probably a little too high!


here are a few sunset pics, taken from my deck,  during the last couple weeks…… MAN  I love living here!!!



I glanced down by the pool yesterday morning and look who decided to stop for a visit…..a Blue Heron…..sorry… fish in that pool buddy!!!!!! Hmmmm……maybe he’s eying up the ducky….lol


…into a craft idea mag…..whoohooo!! I have had tons published in different Scrapbook Magazines and Books but here is my first pub in a non-scrapping publication!! Better Homes & Gardens saw this Halloween project of mine on the website (I designed it while being one of thier guest designers) and they requested it ….so here it is in this years BHG Tricks & Treats issue!! 🙂 ….but beware…. if you make this project your cats will covet the spiders…lol!!