The kids are all at school, fresh coffee is in hand, the house is fairly quiet….as quiet as can be with 2 dogs and three cats in attendance….lol. I am gearing up for a bowling birthday party on Sat. to be followed by a small sleepover later in the day….my youngest and three others……..eeek!! lol

I am taking her shopping for her birthday  gift after the bowling part of the party….and she’s asked if she can have a pedicure too so hopefully we can squeek that in on the way home, I took her for one about a 2 months ago and she is now hooked!! 🙂 Maybe I’ll snag a quick manicure while she get’s her tootsies tended to!

Here’s my latest layout as well…..a fun summer moment with her caught on camera!!!! I LOVE this layout, every once in a while I nail one that is truely me, truely my style that truely represents how I “SEE” things…..and this is one of them 🙂 🙂 She loves it too!!! 🙂           (… image to view larger…..)