Since my oldest daughter is into illustration I decided to get her a drafting table before the school year starts….so I looked over CraigsList last night and found 2 of these and this….for $50.00!!!! And it looks brand new!! They had been using it to display merchandise in a tiny clothing store in Maple Ridge….yay me!!!! lol Her and I just picked it up in the truck and set it up in her room  by ourselves…..go girl power!! 🙂

All we need to do is secure the top to the back of the stands with a couple screws and I want to add a security lip on each front corner so the glass doesn’t slip forward when it’s tilted for drawing…..she’s one happy camper with this right now!!:) I think we can find her a thinner lightbox to slip under the glass too….the one she has is probably a little too high!