I love sponge daubers…but….I HATE the price of them!!  I mean c’mon! Over a dollar a piece for a tiny chunk of plastic and foam that ya throw away cause the foam wears out…sheesh!!! And while I am not normally known for being cheap, there’s just some types of stupid waste that I can’t get my mind around…daubers is one of them…lol!

Sooooooo….because I love a challenge……I went searching the other day for a way to replicate a sponge dauber, similar to those you can get through StampinUp or Tsukineko! A dauber that was more cost effective…and I found it…hehehehe!!! I started by searching online for homemade sponge  daubers and all I came up with was the big homemade paint daubers that the graffiti artists use, and while neat, uh….not quite what I had in mine..lol.

I had a small collection of high density, round, makeup sponges from the dollar store that I was trying to incorporate into my dauber so with that in mind I hit the hardware store….JACKPOT!! (Yes you can use the sponges on thier own but I tend to get sponge-edge line marks on my work when I do that…I hate that…lol)…….So at the hardware store, low and behold, I stumbled across those little things called  “Vinyl Tips”! They are the caps that are used to place on metal pole legs. I took my little stash home, folded my makeup sponges up like little dumplings and popped them in the cap holes…..voila!! Environmentally friendly ink daubers! You have to work at it a little to get the sponges into the holes, I just used my longish nails to poke it in till it stayed….and trust me, it stays in there really really well!  When the foam wears out you can take it out, flip it the other way and get a some more use out of it and once it’s totally useless, toss it and insert another round foam from the dollar store….wayyyyyyyyyyy more cost effective!

So without further ado, I present to you…Wendy’s Wonder Daubers…lol!!



Now I know you can’t put your finger inside these daubers but really, how important is that…not really! lol
These provide a clean efficient way to apply ink to your projects, and the price point rocks!! The smaller tips are less than 50 cents each, the larger ones about 70 cents… and you don’t need to throw them out!!!!

Here’s some size information for you in case you want to make some for yourself….I used 1/2″ and 7/8″ Vinyl Tips (I prefer the chunkier 7/8″ tip as I have large hands and nails….lol…and yes those are my own nails…no acrylic nails for this gal!!))…….. the foam circles are 2″ in diameter and about 3/8″ thick… and I used about 1/3 of a round sponge for the smaller daubers….the whole sponge for the larger daubers, the larger daubers are easier to assemble. I also inserted some wedge sponges into some of the smaller caps, these are easier to insert! So there ya have it….wedge sponges for the 1/2″ caps, circle sponges for the 7/8″ caps !!

I’d love to know if you make some of these and how they work out for ya…I am loving mine!! 🙂