I had the pleasure of taking in the Canada Day celebrations with my two youngest kids and two of thier friends today…..FUN!!!! Got lots of photos…..and the kids got sunburned….just a little……lol!

Since it also happens to be my birthday I got to do a little shoppin’ on the way home (yep ….I am closer to 50 than 45 as of today….lol)….. my hubby wanted me to get myself a dedicated photo printer…..sooooooo…..I decided on the new Epson “Dash” …..got home, set it up and printed off a whack of photos from today…easy peasy!!!!! AND…..the photo quality is awesome!!!!!! What more could a scrapbooker ask for!!!!!

They say the prints end up being 20some cents apiece (U.S.) …but if you keep some extra Epson 4×6 photo papers handy you can stretch that out a little bit….I think I printed 5-8 more photos than what I was supposed to print with the  starter ink/paper  pack that comes with the printer…..makes the prints even cheaper still!!
You can read more about the awesome little printer here: