I had the absolute pleasure of taking my kids, ages 24, 14 and 10, to the recent Burton Cummings/Randy Bachman concert in Abbotsford….he, Burton, really still does “have it”! At the age of 61 his voice contains a deeper resonance than it ever did in his younger days but that just seems to add to his voice….not detract from it!
I think the most amazing thing about this experience has been that I have given my kids a deeper appreciation for the music I have always loved…for over 35 years!!……now I don’t have to fight with them for the CD player in my car….they WANT me to put in his CD’s…..in fact they insist on it….lol!!!!! Life is good!! 🙂
Here’s an interview with him about his new CD “Above The Ground” which I have on order. It’s the first cd he’s ever written and produced entirely on his own! Can’t wait to get it in my hands!!