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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Thank you FISKARS for giving me the opportunity to name this product!! Yep, that’s the name I thought up and submitted for this squeeze punch… 🙂 How cool that they allow us Fiskateers to contribute in this way!!


here’s a pictoral dictionary……very addictive….lol!

okay you guys are blowing me outta the water here!!!!!! 1300 page views yesterday and almost that much today and the days not over yet!! 🙂
that more than makes up for the rotten day I am having….lol. we went from a 7celcius monsoon here this morning to over 6 inches of snow this afternoon and it’s STILL coming down like crazy….that’s the nutty BC weather for ya!!

Here are a few quick thank you cards I whipped up today using my Strawberry SVG file . I can see myself using this image lots in the future! So many possiblilities…… “thanks BERRY much” , “you’re BERRY sweet”, “love you BERRY much” and so on…… 🙂 
That FUN dotted sheer ribbon is from….love it!! 

*When cutting out the shadow for this image, due to the placement of the berry and top section within the single file, you will need to cut out a few extra and separate them as they will overlap each other. Not a big deal but thought I would just give you a heads up about that…lol.

SCAL cards

SCAL cards

I am in a group of 10 doing a circle journal and accompanying ATC and this is my entry….what a fun journal Jayme!! Her theme is “queen for a day”…..and of course I decreed “2 hours of PLAY time each day” for all my royal subjects… What you can’t see in this photo is how shiny it is, the entire base is embossed with copper, gold sparkle, honey and red apple embossing powders!!




























The stamp used on the above ATC is by Artistic Outpost, they make many of my favorite unmounted stamps. To use thier unmounted stamps I just trim them off the sheet, apply Tack-It-Over on the backs of each stamp and when dry store it on a plastic sheet…..when stamping with them I use a dense foam stamp mat under my project as this gives a much better impression!!

sniff sniff… middle child turns 14 tomorrow and tonight is the big “slumber party” (no school tomorrow for them)………yikes…..send any energy vibes my way….lol. cake bought, check….snackies picked up, check……gift wrapped, check… fairly cleaned up, check…… charged, check…….entertainment arranged, check (hubby arranged for an esthetician to come and do nails and give a makeup lesson….what a GUY!!!!!! I am so not a prissy missy and don’t know anyone who does that stuff …but he does..hahaha….lol)

….is good for the soul!! Simba got to enjoy a little outside time today in the sun…..heavenly! Even though it is still only about 6c in the sun….lol.