……..I have a strange cat….well, Bengal  actually…lol! I just heard a strange “shshshshshshshshshs” sound and when I went to see what it was , it was Simba dragging my daughters winter coat across the tile floor, about 20 feet, heading for the stairs..after he got it off the chair….LOL! He love to have baths (normal for a bengal) too! And he loves to push things over , around and under, just to see what will happen…lol.  I keep saying it’s like having an ADHD 2 year old around my ankles all day….but I love him to bits…lol. Too bad he’s not the cuddly sort but I have other cats for that, his personality more than makes up for it! Oh, and his favorite toys are pipe-cleaners…lol….he runs towards the other cats with a pipecleaner in his mouth and growls at them to stay away, then he drops them all in his food dish….like a dog…lol.  Here’s a little video Imade of him playing the other day, I have more videos of him uploaded to Youtube, you can see them here: