……for Christmas that is?? I am… somewhat…lol…..just have to get a few groceries early next week and I am good to go! Looking for some easy peasy recipes this holiday season? Give this LINK a try….search the site for slow cooker ideas too and you will find a myriad of easy things to cook!

How’s your gift wrapping coming along? I decided to stay a step ahead of my little “peekers” this year…lol. I am putting most things in shoe boxes so short of outright opening the gift they will not be able to peek…hahaha!! 
I’ve also noticed my ornaments are slowly going higher on the tree…..the dang cats keep pulling them off for a play and I keep putting them back higher….lol. The only one who has really tried to climb the tree is our 18pound moose kitty, affectionately called “MooMoo” ……the tree looked like we were having a 7.5 earthquake….lol. Surprisingly the Bengal kitten has not ripped it apart….YET!!

Looks like we will have a white christmas this year too…..we have about 6 inches out there now and doesn’t look like it will be warming up any time soon!! Not with -10 temps!!

And lastly here’s a few little freebies I’ve found that I think are above average…….enjoy!

Blank Calendar (Crafty Secrets)
Vintage Image & Poem (Crafty Secrets)
2009 Calendar (Crafty Secrets)
Vintage Clipart Images (Aisling.net)