sigh…I just love it when kids succeed! especially if they’ve struggled in the past! my littlest came running out to the car yesterday and was beaming from ear to ear……I saw the report card in her hand and was thinking “Oh good! she must have got a few A’s”…..well this is what she got……straight A’s!!!!!! I am soooooo proud of her and rightly let her know I was!!! Things don’t come easily to her, she gets frustrated very easily, but… she has a FANTASTIC teacher this year, the kind you wish you could duplicate and put in every classroom on the planet….lol. (just goes to show you the difference a great teacher can make!!)
She also became a self manager already within the first term, something that this school wasn’t doing until grade 7 in previous years but they have implemented it for the younger grades now (she’s in grade 5). Fabulous idea….it teaches them and/or reinforces,  oraganization and responsibility…two things that help with their general performance in class! I hope she continues with this success as she’s really worked hard for it!!!!