…..this has been!! Been busy crafting like crazy..but that’s a good thing…lol. The kiddo’s kept me hopping this week with friends, and school and activities…and then today hubby’s grandad passed on…..he was 94 …and it was his time…sad yes….but I think he’s wanted to go for a while, his body just gave up on him 😦  He is no longer suffering and that is a blessing for sure!! I am sure there will be a family gathering to celebrate his life coming shortly, always nice to touch base with family, we all tend to get so wrapped up in day to day life that gatherings are few and far between! He’d be happy to see us all get together …. it was what he wanted!! Here’s one of my fav. photos of him and my girls from about 3 years ago…he was still living on his own with a bit of help!!!!! (I think charlie is feeling a little proud in this picture that she is actually named, in a round about kinda way, after him and her Grandpa…..lol)

 And also a few layouts of him, one with a photo from ’05 and one photo from ’95 when he first met my oldest daughter!!

So long grandad…you’ve produced a long line of teasers and kidders….just like you!….we’ll miss you!! 🙂