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Monthly Archives: October 2008

these are some of the things I love about Halloween!!!! my candy apples got bubbles on them today and I think it looks pretty cool! perfectly warty and ghastly for Halloween don’t ya think??…the apples are really juicy Granny Smiths……perfect!!….lol!


Edited for Lea:

Yes those are just candy apples Lea….made with red dye (not too much), sugar, water and corn syrup boiled to the hard crack stage….but I dipped and rolled them too fast or twice?? and that cause bubbles on a few….or maybe it should have cooled for a few minutes….either way they looked truely ghastly but were yummy….lol.


I have a new template set for Scrapbook Max! Here’s a few screen shots of the pages and you can find it here!

Guess what I found tonight at the Real Canadian Super Store? These pink scissors below!! I now have the Fiskateer ones with my number on them (green and orange), these pink Breast Cancer Awareness ones and these black Lucky Skull ones (thanks for those May!!) :…….Fiskars makes the best crafting scissors and a girl can NOT have too many…lol!


…..hope you’ve got tons of fun stuff planned!! I am hoping to craft a little here and there if the kiddo’s cooperate….lol. ScrapFan is having it’s bi-weekly Friday Night online crop so if you need some inspiration pop on over and check it out!! Challenges aren’t due till noonish Sunday so lots of time to play and enter them for a chance at some prizes!!
DH was going to go deer hunting but work stuff cropped up so looks like he will be around for the weekend. New kitty is settling in GREAT!! The breeder had spoiled him rotten and trained him to yowl for raw food, or should I say he trained her….lol. But that is a thing of the past, he is now eating dry since monday and is a MUCH MUCH happier cat because of it! He is no longer constantly hungry!!!!! Man are these Bengal cats ever SMART too! I will have to try and stay a step ahead of him for sure….lol! Here’s a photo of him from yesterday:

and when I got home yesterday from dropping the kids off at school this is what I found on my office chair!! It only took Pooter 1 week to cuddle up with Simba….fantastic!!!!! There’s about 2.5 to 3 months difference in thier ages but now that Simba is eating a more balanced diet I am sure he will fill out! Male Bengals usually get pretty hefty!!

Speaking of Hefty……lol….here is Maggie and you can see why her nickname is MooMoo….lol. I cannot believe how much weight she has put on in two months…..she is a LARGE girl……lol!!!!! She came from the shelter with a bad case of ear mites which we have cleared up and gotten under control….fingers crossed! She doesn’t even fuss too much when I wrap her up for her weekly ear wash in the offending ear….and she always appears happy afterwards!!!!!

As you can tell I am a kitty nut….love me some kitties …and have not met many that I couldn’t turn into mushpots… Hope you all have a fab weekend….and hug your furbabies today if you have them!!!!!

Here’s a fun little ATC made using this great stamp set from Crafty Secrets!! It has such cute images!!!! I am hoping to make a few more along this line as it was alot of fun!! 🙂

…is just too scrummy for words!!!! You can see the details and all the matching extras here and here are a few things I have created so far with more to come!!