what is it about monday….blechhhh! i think we all just tend to cram too much stuff into the weekend and come monday…we need a break…but it’s back to the routines on monday so no break time allowed…lol.
I had an absolute blast teaching my class at the BC Crop 4 Kids in Abby yesterday…and volunteered to teach another next year!! whoohoo!!!! Only next year I am planning on staying and cropping for the whole weekend instead of just running in, teaching, and running out again…lol.  Hubby has already been put on notice…lol!
Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day as well….warm sunny yummy….I took this photo in the parking lot at the convention center where the above mentioned crop was held…almost Oct and still they bloom!! gotta love BC hey!!! 🙂

I did manage to finish up this layout last night though, just an old photo of my littlest one when she was 5!! 🙂