What a busy day I have going on today!! I am teaching a class at BC’s crop 4 kids tomorrow in Abby so need to get and keep my ducks in a row for that…am also designing a card kit so need to keep that in the back of my mind for the moment, will also be involved in a super secret project very soon too so need to get some ideas rolling around in my head for that….(if my head explodes over the next few weeks you will know why…..lol)!!!!! I just hope life doesn’t throw me any curve balls in the next month!!!!!
On another note I have named another Fiskars product ….yeah!!!! The first was a stamp set called Flip n’ FLop, the second was a blue ink pad called Blue RIbbon Winner and now the third thing is a brand new squeeze punch they have coming out, it will be called “Getting Antsy”….you guessed it, it’s an ant…..LOL! 🙂 Love all their squeeze punches so this one will be no exception!! Can’t wait to get my sweaty little (big) crafty hands on that one and the scalloped circles… and the scalloped squares!! 🙂
My daughters birthday last weekend was a huge success….they had a “crafty” party! I gave them all little note books, scissors and gluesticks….dragged out a whole bin of my scraps, a few punches, couple lengths of ribbon and a box of dollar store stickers I’ve been wanting to pare down….well they certainly helped with that…..lol!!!! I think they used half the box….LMAO!! But it was all good and they had a blast….kept them busy for over an hour and a half….lol!!

And here’s a layout and card from yesterday…managed to squeak these out amidst all the craziness… 🙂