This cat, Boris, had a broken back and I have seen him, and visited with him, at our local shelter, he is doing amazingly and now walks very well……and…..has found a forever home!!!!! What an amazingly lucky little cat to have found Christine at FVHS!! She is hands down the coolest “cat” lady I know!!

I am posting this video because Tina, who we adopted, from this shelter, over a year ago has disappeared since yesterday afternoon……sigh 😦 We have had the worst luck with cats this summer….but….DH went right out and adopted another this morning….and….this one is NOT getting outside!!!!! Ever!!!! Nor is the kitten we adopted a few months ago!! It just breaks our hearts when they don’t return 😦 . Tina was being watched like a hawk, but still managed to slip outside yet again…..big sigh!! 😦