I have lots planned for today, we’ll see how far I get…my house looks like a bomb went off, never mind what my scraproom looks like…….lol. I have been thinking awhile on making a tutorial video, if I were to do so is there anything in particular you’d like to see me do? Speak now or forever hold your piece…lol. I have made some cool brayer cards recently, which I haven’t posted yet, I was thinking of doing it on them maybe???
  Digitally, I am working on a series of frames for ScrapbookMax as well…..here is one possibility I’ve come up with and my ideas will build off of this as this is only a rough starting point, the photo was taken off of my deck last week, we were blessed with so many fantastic sunsets last week due to the changing (aka “wet”) weather moving in!!

  On life in general, I managed to get school supplies for my youngest, the oldest is returning home today from a 10 day camping trip with her friend, I imagine she will be bugging me inccesantly to take her “back to school” shopping as she is GOING INTO HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!! I hope I am ready for that!! I have only had one child, her older brother, go through high school (he’s 23 now) and it wasn’t pretty so I am more than a little freaked…lol. I will just keep reminding myself “she is not her brother, she is not her brother”… 🙂