okeedokke! I have had a few days to dabble away with the new pigment inks and there are several projects below that use them….in a word….THEY ROCK!!!!
The juiciness and color depth is awesome and the embossabilty when used with powders is clean and crisp as are the images stamped with these inks!! The casings also snap shut firmly and easily….no problems there!
The only slight issue I have with them is that if you use them “direct to stamp” by hand (instead of using them for thier intended purpose which is with the new Push and Print Stamp Factory) the pad is the same height as the casing which can be frustrating if the stamp you want to ink is larger than the pads face or surface. This makes it difficult to get even coverage without the lines from the casing showing up on the inked stamps surface.
You can get around this by using an ink brayer that is no wider than the stamps pad though. (Does Fiskars make a small Brayer that will fit this pad? If not, they need to…lol)
Luckily not many of the stamps I use are larger than this ample sized pad so this won’t be too much of a bother for me! 🙂
Being that these inks are pigment inks they are not waterproof even when heat set, these would not be my first go-to inks when watercoloring images. That said, you can color in the images with markers fairly satisfactorily when they have been heat set, but beware, the black does bleed more than others. I would, however, love to see these inks in a smaller size with raised pads for traditional hand stamping!!!