I hope you all have a great week ahead of you! I ended up with a dead Blackberry Curve yesterday…seems the battery decided it didn’t want to charge anymore so off we went to my phone rep this morning, she popped a new battery in for me..no charge…sweet!!!!! I ended up buying a clear acrylic case for it too….for a little more protection!
A little later we are all off to take a trip down the lower portion of the Fraser River, hubby needs to go look at a boom so we are all going with him….naturally I am bringing my camera with me so look for some photos of that later today…..provided I snag some interesting ones!! ūüôā

……And ……just LOOK at this beauty I just found online!!! Now if I had an extra $20,000.00 smacker-roo’s¬†I still don’t think I would buy one…….. but still¬†………ya gotta love all that BLING!!!!! (check this out May!!! LOL) …42 diamonds in 18k gold plus rare carbon gold fiber¬†leather…..oooooooooo-wheeeeeee!!!!!!