I remember when cream used to come in this shaped container…do you? (or is that really dating me…LOL)Here’s how to turn this shaped container into a rockin’ treat container, perfect for all occasions, boy birthday (shown above made using the “Little Boys” stamp set from Tin Box Creation), girl birthday, baby shower….you name it! Just change the paper and stamping to match your theme!

This is not my original idea and I have seen these made from just heavy weight papers but I have expanded the idea and included the TP roll and an opening to remove the treats…for this one you will need a toilet paper roll (these are the perfect size..lol), stamps, ink, an exacto knife, detail scissors, strong adhesive, med. and small circle punch and a piece of paper approx. 4×6.5 inches plus some scraps.

1-Stamp design on your paper.
2-Cover roll with paper.
3-Apply adhesive strip along inside edge of one end, pinch vertically to seal. Fill with small treat candy’s.
4-Do same on other end, pinch horizontally to seal…voila’…a triangle shape!
4-If not using a toilet paper roll and just rolling a tube out of pp, you can crimp the ends slighly using a paper crimper, the toilet roll was too thick for my crimper. You can take a ruler and stylus and make crimping marks easy enough though if you wish!
5-Next take a craft knife and cut a small opening for treats to be removed from. Keep the opening smaller than the circle die cut you will be using to cover it!!
Punch a circle out of matching paper, stamp and embellish it and attach a smaller circle underneath the larger circle to use as a pulltab. Run adhesive around the edge only of the larger circle and attach over cut out hole.

I think I will be doing a bunch of these in a girlie theme for my daughters 10th birthday! )