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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Here are a few photos from our trip down the Fraser yesterday…..I had a BLAST!! I’d forgotten how much I love boating…I grew up on, in, around, and sometimes under boats…LOL!!!!!
As a kid, as well as being on and around the water most of the time, I used to hang out and watch my uncle repair outboard motors, found it fascinating, the smells and all, even thought the dry-dock with it’s yucky fiberglass smells was a fascinating thing!! lol)…I  found myself humming underneath the hum of the boat motor, caught myself (I used to always do this, it’s a “happy on a boat” thing) …..and smiled knowingly to myself!! 🙂

These last two photos really caught my eye though….now you know what happens to all the old junker cars!!!!!!!


I hope you all have a great week ahead of you! I ended up with a dead Blackberry Curve yesterday…seems the battery decided it didn’t want to charge anymore so off we went to my phone rep this morning, she popped a new battery in for charge…sweet!!!!! I ended up buying a clear acrylic case for it too….for a little more protection!
A little later we are all off to take a trip down the lower portion of the Fraser River, hubby needs to go look at a boom so we are all going with him….naturally I am bringing my camera with me so look for some photos of that later today…..provided I snag some interesting ones!! 🙂

……And ……just LOOK at this beauty I just found online!!! Now if I had an extra $20,000.00 smacker-roo’s I still don’t think I would buy one…….. but still ………ya gotta love all that BLING!!!!! (check this out May!!! LOL) …42 diamonds in 18k gold plus rare carbon gold fiber leather…..oooooooooo-wheeeeeee!!!!!!

Here’s a video on making these adorable Viewmaster cards…..great card Dawn!!
Give it a spin and see if you can make one 🙂

Thought I better share my new wheel with ya’ll….lol. We sold my Toyota truck and DH bought this baby for me….it does everything but the laundry… It has: backup rear camera, built in Sirius radio, touch screen, voice command, 6 air bags, dual exhaust, fog lamps, blue tooth, 115 volt 2 prong power outlets, built in IPod hookup, USB hookup, 30 gig HD, illuminated front cup holders, low tire pressure warning system, CD/DVD player (not for the back seat, only in the front), sun/moon roof, in floor “stow and go” waterproof containers that can be removed, air chilling area in top glove box (this uses your air conditioner to chill your drinks…….seats 5. It’s a V.6 AWD too so hopefully will be great in the winter for me. 🙂

ps…..I call it my “wangster moblie”…

Well lookee what landed on my doorstep today……all 12 of them!!……aren’t they purdy!!! They are brand spankin’ new by Fiskars and aren’t even in the stores yet!!!! With names like “Blue Ribbon Winner” (the one in the front that I named), Freshly Squeezed, Sun Kind Of Wonderful, You Make Me Blush, Chocoholic and In A Pickle how could you not love these!!! lol
I will be cracking these open later in the week and will post my review of them! 🙂

This layout was made for a challenge to use no adhesive except on the photo, I did a WHOLE LOTTA stapling and stitching on here….lol. The papers are Cosmo Cricket and the rubon is from DaisyD. Large flower is from ZanyZinnia.