okay I have been missing my beloved smokey aka greyboy aka fatboy…..so I decided we needed another kitty to love so off we went to the shelter today…..and I literally fell in LOVE!

This young girl stole my heart with just one look!!!!!!! She is getting spayed on Thursday (or sooner) so after that’s done is when we get to bring her home……what a beauty she is…..looks like she has some Abyssinian in her as well as Tabby. She has the Abyssinian eyes (hard to tell in these photos though), coloring and face (looks like a cougar face) and has tabby-like markings on some parts of her……she literally jumped into my purse at the shelter….lol!!!! I think smokey would loved to have met her, he was so patient with the new girls!! Hopefully I will have some better photos for you by the weekend! 🙂