Hope you are all managing to squeeze in a little scrappy time, I played a bit yesterday but then we had an unexpected house showing today so we were all cleaning like crazy by 7am this morning…..eeeek!!!!  Funny thing is we know people who know the people who looked at the house today,  my best friend who was here doing yard work today thought she had seen them somewhere before too….she had…small world! lol

Went to a fun PJ crop last night, ‘cept we had to stand over normal table height tables for too many hours and my back is sooooore today! Lesson learned…next time I ask if we are sitting or standing….lol. Would have been okay if the tables would have been counter height…..ughhhh!

On a good note I found that Vituri camera satchel above on their clearance table , ended up paying about 20.00 for it…….yippee!! Love it!