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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Okay I am all for heat….love the sun and nice weather….but come on!! It’s 8pm here and still 31 degrees celsius…..{{sweating}}!!!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot….. !!!!!


I used the fun little “Family” stamp set from Tin Box Creations to create this adorable laundry room sign. I stamped on the oversized clothes peg and also on the computer generated/printed sign.

A big LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! My 9 year old was mucking around with adobe photoshop 7 this evening and all of a sudden this spits out of my printer sitting beside me (she was on my laptop)…….OMG!!!! It’s a sign for her bedroom door…….LOL!!!! Not only is it funny….she did it all by herself…..!!!!!!! LOLOL!!!!!!!!! 🙂  🙂  🙂 


…..and no I am not going to sing like Julie Andrews……..I’ll spare ya that much pain…hahaha! 🙂 Seriously though, this layout uses two of my favorite techniques, black felt pen doodling and free-hand cut elements (the large flowers, scallop border and mat, and the wave element). Gimme some papers, scissors and a black felt pen and I am a happy-scrappy camper. 🙂 What are your fav. things to use on a layout, things you keep going back to over and over?


well sadly , “tabby” cat had to go back to the humane society today….I was willing to work with her…..until she severly bit a visiting kids hand simply because it smelled like our other cat….poor kid!! I feel so bad! But since it is a no kill cat rescue society she will find a wonderful home with no other cats….of that I am sure! 🙂
Happily, on another note…..I adopted one of her kittens…..the last one of the bunch…the one that caught my eye on Tuesday 🙂

Here is her photo and she is as sweet as honey-pie…..any name ideas?? lol

I have several new kits which are going to be arriving in the Scrapbook Max store shortly, the themes are :

baseball (Play Ball Templates)

geneology, in a whimsical Wendy way….lol  (Family Tree Kit)

black and white kit (Little Black Dress Kit)
and a mini album (FunkaLicious Mini Album Kit….I did a revision of my original album for SBM)

……so as you can tell I have been a busy beaver…lol! Looking forward to Scrapbooking Fanatics July kit though, feeling the need to get my hands on some “real” paper now… The only hint I can give you right now is that it will contain some of THIS! 🙂

okay I have been missing my beloved smokey aka greyboy aka fatboy… I decided we needed another kitty to love so off we went to the shelter today…..and I literally fell in LOVE!

This young girl stole my heart with just one look!!!!!!! She is getting spayed on Thursday (or sooner) so after that’s done is when we get to bring her home……what a beauty she is…..looks like she has some Abyssinian in her as well as Tabby. She has the Abyssinian eyes (hard to tell in these photos though), coloring and face (looks like a cougar face) and has tabby-like markings on some parts of her……she literally jumped into my purse at the shelter….lol!!!! I think smokey would loved to have met her, he was so patient with the new girls!! Hopefully I will have some better photos for you by the weekend! 🙂