I know it is way past easter, but I finally remembered to ask my SIL for these pics…I forgot my camera so took these with hers at our family dinner…..the “guys” were golfing in the states so it was just us “girls” (and sam) for dinner (he was busy golfing in the living-room though so didn’t join us much for dinner….LOL!!!!).

Anyways….this first picture makes me howl with laughter every time I look at it. We had asked my older dd (13) to set the table for dinner and THIS is what she did>>>>>LOLOL!!!!!

I have never in my life seen a table set this way….and I have no idea where this formation came from….LOL. I am sure she will get teased about this for a long long time to come….like every easter..LOL! 🙂 🙂

These next 2 photos are of a cake that Great Aunt M. brought for desert….I LOVED it!!!! It was an angel-food cake iced with a cool whip and pudding mixture ….surprisingly it was not even near as sweet as it looks!! 🙂