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Monthly Archives: April 2008

…..with ScrapFan’s sold out April Kit! I heard this song recently (by Van Morrison) and it sparked this layout in a round about way….lol. They are the only ones in the house with brown eyes..hahaha!!!!!! 🙂


I have recently learned exactly where my grandmother (my dads mom) came from (Bornholm Denmark) and I have been reading up about this place on the internet…..this is definately a place I want to visit!!!!! There seems to be such mystery about Bornholm, concerning the round churches, the Templars and much much more!
Her name was Olga Andrene Nybo and after coming to canada she ended up in Alberta, where my parents were born. I myself was not born in Alberta but in a North West coastal community of BC and when I look at photos of Bornholm it strangely “feels like home”?! Probably due to the fact that both places are close to the ocean, I think it’s in my blood…LOL!

I received a super duper WONDERFUL box of scrappy goodness the other day from my favorite lead Fiskateer…thank you soooooo much May!! I am having way too much fun with these goodies! 🙂  I have been itching to try the finger tip craft knife!!!!!
And as you can see my youngest wasted no time going after the Jelly Beans….LOL! Caught red (or orange) handed!! 🙂

….it’s finally going live…..YAY! You can find it here and there is also a link to it under my scrap links (category 2) on the right menu.

well honey….actually I have waaaaay more than one….LOL…..but for the sake of this post we will stick with this Curve….how cool is this!!!!

I broke the charger pins inside my other cell phone so today dh takes me down to our local office and gets me hooked up with this baby!!!!!!! And it didn’t cost us anything because of our loyalty to our current provider!! (they wanted to charge us 250.00 but dh sweet talked them down to zero..HA!!!!!! that man could sell ice cubes to an eskimo in alaska in the winter time….lol)

Oh…I’ve also got a wee sneak peek for you of an upcoming online class I am working on….check it out! 🙂


Pink Paislee that is!!! Here is another layout using Scrapbooking Fanatics April kit (which sadly is sold out!!) featuring Pink Paislee and Scenic Route (these collections go fabulously together!!). Also used one of my coveted Fiskars border punches on this layout, under the small photo…I LOVE my punches!! 🙂




…my littlest dd came in this afternoon with this little guy…..well, this one wasn’t so little…..bigger than the last one…lol… fun to see it hopping and them chasing it….lol. While we normally find Pacific Tree frog’s, this one happens to be a Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora).