well rosies neck is healing GREAT!….as you can see by this photo from today compared to the previous photo below!!!!! (the yellow tint to her owie is just the panalog cream…lol). The redness is going away and it’s scabbing up like it should….amazing what antibiotics and steroids can do 🙂

on another note….I am trying to train them to use a large step stool to get into the back of the truck…momma dog loves the truck but can’t haul her fat butt onto the tailgate anymore …lol…..and rosie HATES the truck but with coaxing and a few cookies I did manage to get rosie to walk ohhhhhhh so carefully up the stool today….lol…..I’ll work on it for a week or so and they will be fine….momma can do it but gets sooooo excited about going in the truck she forgets she’s standing on a step….LMAO!!!!! she took one spill today because of her eagerness 🙂
if all else fails I’ll get someone to build me a light weight ramp for them to use!!!! lol