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Monthly Archives: March 2008


…..made using my own kit designs…


Here is a recent layout and card. This photo of my dd was taken just before she got her nosed pierced 🙂





DONATE a scrapbooking kit to the Children’s Hospital in Edmonton!

This kit is being offered below cost, and features a retail value of $90. There are lots of papers, a trimmer and adhesive, decal edged scissors, journalling pen, an album, stickers, die cuts and more! Everything a child needs to get started and includes lots of hospital theme items!

After much searching and snooping and deducing I have come to the conclusion that Photoshop 7 and under cannot do this cleanly….but….there is a work around that is sufficiant for my purposes anyways…lol. This work-around distorts the text slightly but I can live with the amount….lol.

If you have photoshop cs , here is a great video tutorial (for text on a path) and another one here (for text on a closed path), or this one using the marquee tool ……but if you are like me and have 7.0 you can do the following to acheive a “similar” look.

Create a new document, select the Text tool, type your text. Choose the move tool and center your text where you want it. Select the Text tool again and choose the “create warped text” button along your top toolbar….looks like a T with a bent bar underneath it shapedtextbutton.jpg.

Choose arc and horizontal and run the “bend” slider up to 100%….this will produce the first or top half of your circle. Select OK and choose the move tool and center your arc where you want it…. now duplicate this layer (choose layer, duplicate layer), for this duplicate layer choose edit, transform, rotate 180 degrees. Now choose your move tool and move this layer down so that your circle is complete!!



I was just blessed with this gorgeous rainbow….I love photographing them, they are such a beautiful part of nature.

The rainbow is made up of all the colors of the visible spectrum.  We can also see these colors by using a prism. When white light passes through a prism, it is bent.  Each color is bent differently.  Red is bent the least, violet is bent the most.  The white light spreads out into its colors.  Each color of the visible spectrum can be seen.
A rainbow is an arch of light exhibiting the spectrum colors in their order, caused by drops of water falling through the air. It is seen usually in the sky opposite to the sun at the close of a shower and also in the spray of waterfalls. In the brightest or primary bow, often the only one seen, the colors are arranged with the red outside. Above the perfect bow is a secondary bow, in which the colors are arranged in reverse order; this bow is dimmer, because of a double reflection within the drops.
When the sunlight enters a raindrop it is refracted, or bent, by and reflected from the drop in such a way that the light appears as a spectrum of colors. The colors can be seen, however, only when the angle of reflection between the sun, the drop of water, and the observer’s line of vision is between 40° and 42°.

When the sun is low in the sky the rainbow appears relatively high; as the sun rises higher, the rainbow appears lower in the sky, maintaining the critical 40°- to 42°-angle. When the sun is more than 42° above the horizon no rainbow can be seen because the required angle passes over the head of the observer.

….regardless of the reasons for them……….I think they are purely magical!!!!! 🙂

My daughter (13) got her nose pierced today…just a warning though, she ended up being a “bleeder”….nothing more than what you would get from reg. nose bleed…. but still…you’ve been warned…lol.
This video is a little graphic but, if you have daughters who wish to also get this kind of piercing done, it’s a good slide show to show them….there’s some good ones on YouTube as well. 
Most people do not bleed like this when getting thier noses pierced, she was his first “bleeder” in two years….but hey….it does happen! 
Mike, the piercer, is a really personable young guy too…I told him I was a scrapbooker and he was absolutely tickled pink to think he was going to be in someones scrapbook…lol 🙂