See that ceiling……lol…it has quite a tale to tell!! It had a 3×4 foot drywall patch in it and as the painter got closer and closer to this room we had to get it, the texture, matched up! First quote was $500 to scrape and respray the entire area, next there was a friend of a friend who knew a guy who could do something with it….he never showed up…lol….so DH got peed off and while racking his brain trying to figure out what to do…I handed him a plain old metal kitchen whisk, he stuck it in the drywall mud, climbed a ladder and over the next few hours “tapped” the whisk on the ceiling to texture it to match the rest of the room…..and by jove…..it WORKED!! LOLOL! Unless you really know what your looking for you can’t tell where it is when you walk in the room!! 🙂
ps…where you think it might be by looking at this photo is not where it is…that’s just a shadow across the ceiling…lol.