LOL…..well ….one of our reno’d rooms is “almost” finished……just have to put another light coat of paint on the ceiling here and put up the new light fixture!!!!! WHAHHOOO! I spent all last evening and part of today, putzing around in this room, moving stuff from one side of the house to here (this used to be our office and is now a sitting/sun room, it is just off the kitchen), wiping everything down, vaccuuming/wiping up the drywall dust and deciding where things should go……not fun when all the books that were on the bookshelf in here had to be totally wiped down…..blech!!!!!
This room has new carpet, new paint on the walls and ceiling and the gas fireplace had to be moved out and back in again. This is actually the most and ONLY organized room in the entire house right now….LOL!


ps…..this is not the new carpet we dripped printer ink on, that one is on the other side of the house…..LOL! Thank goodness it (the ink) was water soluble…and that’s all I gotta say on that subject!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO