This is just too funny…I have to share it..LOL! DH saw the guy who was doing our reno’s somewhere this morning and told him not to come down our driveway as it was really slick….then he said “unless you get a real truck”….now the guy who is doing the reno’s drives a new jeep and DH is a dodge deisel man….and the Jeep man got a little bent outta shape about that comment although DH was only teasing….he’s a world famous teaser….LOL.
So……..along comes the reno guy, in the Jeep and Zoooooooooooom…..down the driveway he comes….no problemo!!!!!!


Well along comes Mr. Dodge Diesel man a few hours later and wouldn’t you know it…..he slid right off the top side of the driveway……LMAO!!!!!


And so here is Jeep guy in my Toyota, trying to pull Dodge deisel guy outta the boooooosh!!!!lol (and that girl who is watching is my best friend who’s older Jeep has been stuck in my driveway for two days….so she’s borrowing my Toyota..LOL).



As it ended up….my Toyota doesn’t have a trailer hitch but the neghbour happened upon us hillbilly’s and HE had a trailer hitch so he ended up pulling Deisel guy out ……with a Ford..LMAO!!!!!! 🙂

So all in all, no harm done although there was a little testosterone flying around for a while… girls were just rolling our eyes and giggling at them all…..HAHAHAH!!!!!! And then dd and Rosie had a great play in the snow!!