….do NOT ever try to do reno’s in the middle of Jan. in Canada again!!! 🙂
We have been buried in dusk and caulking for almost two weeks now, and it has been down to -5 celcius every night so I can’t even open the windows at night to get rid of the sealant smells etc etc….blech!!!!! On top of that I have a nasty cold, so between that and my house being upside down and MESSY and DUSTY and waaaaay out of sorts I am getting more than a little cranky…lol….and I know the worst and messiest part is yet to come….patching respraying the ceiling in our office which is in a main living section of the house….grrrrr!!!!!
I know that when all is said and done it will look so nice in here but then….we will list it for sale ….which means more people traipsing through my house….ughhhhhh!!!! So for now I just keep telling myself….go with the flow Wendy….go with the flow….lol!!!!! Oh and here’s a pic of my master bathroom all cleaned, caulked, sealed, painted and spiffy’d up!!!! 🙂
Our walk in shower is HUGE and they had a dumb narrow plastic block wall just inside the doorway on the right which had gotten water under it and was a mess with mildew…needless to say it was ripped outta there….lol….it didn’t have to be there anyways!!!