I am one of those self taught graphic junkies, I sarted out teaching my self corel photopaint many many years ago (along with about 10 other graphics programs…lol) and many of the functions I use translate into adobe photoshop quite easily, I can switch files between programs easily and believe it or not corels older version of photopaint (8) has some better/more user friendly/intuitive functions than adobe photoshop!!! There are some things that photoshop handles better though, but not many!!
But now I have a daughter who is dabbling in computer graphics, she was using Paint that comes with MS Widows but soon discovered it cannot do what she wanted it to do and since photoshop was waaaay over her head and she wasn’t “getting it” ….this is where Paint.net comes into play. She found this program and dowloaded it all on her own! It is remarkable as a learning tool for newbies to the world of digital graphics, it even does layers too. Check it out here: